Staffing Issues

Staffing Issues

There are two main staffing issues.  Not enough of the right staff.  Problems with the staff in the team.

Recruitment can be a huge cost if the right person can’t be found or the wrong person is hired.  Detailing the position and advertising it can be a drain.  Sifting through the applicants can be taxing.  Interviews can be a minefield.  How do to choose the right person?

If there are problems with a member of the team it can be a distraction.  Or a source of stress.  No one likes disciplinary action.  It is sometimes necessary though, to solve staffing issues that are affecting a business.

It is better to be proactive.  It helps to detail the personality and skills needed for a position.  Now and into the future.  This can then inform everything from the advert to the interviews.  Considering the makeup of the current team and who might fit in with them helps to ensure the new team member has the best start to blend in.

This in turn reduces the need for disciplinary action.  When it does happen, it is useful to have a process to follow and trust in.  This takes some of the stress away.

I can help with these two types of staffing issues.  Helping identify the right candidate and with support if disciplinary action is needed.


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