Phil Collier Associates

Marine Sector Specialist

My roots are in the marine industry, with a broad experience of sectors, flags and nationalities of crew. With over 35 years of experience, I ultimately held the role of Fleet Personnel Director for James Fisher & Sons PLC and was Vice Chairman of a national maritime training company.

Since leaving James Fisher in 2009, my passion for the sector has not diminished and I consistently bring my specialist skills to support marine clients throughout the UK and Europe.

By using this vast experience and depth of knowledge, Phil Collier Associates can work with you as either a short-term additional project resource or on a longer-term retainer, providing on-going advice and support.

Some key examples of work that I have undertaken on behalf of clients:

  • On-going discussions and issues following the ratification of the MLC in 2013 means that I am constantly engaging with clients to provide an additional outsourced resource and use my expertise to assist and enable companies to understand the still-changing regulations and remain compliant.
  • Often companies do not look closely at how cost effective and efficient their crewing functions are, both on and offshore. I will examine the structure and costs involved and, where felt necessary, assist in effecting changes to improve efficiency.
  • It may surprise you to know that there are still many shipping companies out there that have not undertaken a detailed review of their terms and conditions and other associated documentation. Indeed, ever-changing employment legislation can be an on-going threat to any business. I will undertake a full review of all employment documentation to ensure it meets UK, flag state and industry regulations.

These are just some examples of the many projects that I have undertaken over the past 6 years since operating as a consultant in the marine sector.

If you are a senior manager or director in the marine sector it is worth knowing us. Why don’t you book a call or a meeting with me today?

For more information about how Phil Collier Associates has helped marine clients

People Management and Recruitment

  • Undertaking third-party crewing/recruitment agency audits to ensure that they meet both MLC and company standards.
  • Developing mid-/long-term manpower strategies.
  • Provision of external independent expertise and support with recruitment and, especially interviewing of senior onshore and seagoing personnel.
  • Undertaking grievance and disciplinary investigations and/or hearings as an ‘independent’ party but on behalf of the company.
  • Support with immigration issues.

Software Development

  • Development of multi-functional, all encompassing crew management software both as a stand-alone bespoke system and by creating bespoke add-ons to generic packages.

Documentation Review and Audit Assistance

  • Undertaking an in-depth review of all associated agreements and documentation to ensure continued compliance with HMRC IR49 regulations relating to offshore employment.
  • Support with ISO 9001:2008 within the crew management sector.
  • Review of Ship Security Plans and on board Ship Security Audits.

Budget Analysis and Business Development

  • Working with clients on compiling various tenders relating to crew management.
  • Providing a confidential third party in-depth review of crew cost budgets.