Phil Collier Associates

Project Catalyst


  1. A person or thing that precipitates an event or change
  2. A person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic

If you have a ‘business critical’ project then you need to keep reading. This page is for you.

Projects are often cornerstones of any business. They are typically ‘one offs’ seeking to make changes or yield a specific result within a set time. They are team based, requiring the knowledge, expertise and time of the people in your organisation.

Despite their importance, projects can sometimes slip or stall… sometimes even fail. This is why every project has a project manager even if they don’t have that title. Yet sometimes, a project needs more than a project manager. It needs a project catalyst. A new resource added to the mix who can not only manage but drive the project forward.

I bring together key skills and experience that can help do just that by ensuring that common project problems simply don’t happen.

As an experienced senior manager and business owner of over 35 years I am used to leading and engaging teams of people and managing project timescales and budgets. As a HR professional I can identify and place the right people in the right team positions and communicate with them effectively. As a well known and recognisable business figure I can use my network and associates to bring additional skills and resources to the project as and when they are needed.

Perhaps most crucially, as an external party, I bring a fresh perspective that will deliver new solutions to problems and be held accountable for the project success.

If you have a project that must deliver or a project that has stalled, meet with me to talk about what your project needs to be a success.