Location and Relocation

Location, location, location.  Where you are based is an important part of a business.  The right location needs to be right for right now and for business plans in the future.  It affects cash flow, image, staff retention, access for suppliers and access for trading.

On top of these general conditions for location is anything that is needed for the business.  This can be complex if the business has certain needs.

Searching for a location based on business needs is stressful.  Even more so if your business is running.  I can help lighten the load of finding the right location for the business.  According to set criteria.  I can meet landlords on your behalf, gather the lease documents and negotiate.

I can also look at the impact on the business.   Creating a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of different locations.   This means an informed decision.  Without taking an eye off the business.


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