Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Problems are an unpleasant fact in business.  It doesn’t matter how good the planning is.  It doesn’t matter how great your team are.  The unexpected is bound to happen.

When problems do occur it can cause stress, worry and distraction.  It is too common for problems to be carried by the owner or manager alone.  Even if the problem is shared with the team, there might be an issue of time and resources.

All problems have two features.  Goals and barriers.  The goal is clear.  It is what you want to achieve or avoid.  The barriers are those circumstances that stop you achieving your goal.  Without the barriers, you can achieve your goal and there would be no problem.

I can help you to identify and structure the problem.  We can look at the possible solutions together and make the best choice to solve the it.  If time and resources are tight, I can take charge of the chosen course of action.  Making sure what is planned gets done!


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