Communication is vital to a business.  Facts about the business need to be found and shared regularly.  This data also needs to be displayed. In an easy way to see, to update and to understand.  There needs to be a routine where questions can be asked, and answers given.  Communication is all about connection.

I can help make sure that the communication happens.  This can be done through organising a schedule of communication.  Or it could be co-ordination with the team itself.  I can be a stand in for you, the business owner or manager, to let you get on with the other tasks you must do.

Problem Solving

In this way I can focus on critical aspects of the business.  You might need a new location and must gather information to decide.  Perhaps a vital task in a project must happen.  I can take charge for you, to drive it forward.  Perhaps you need to source new suppliers with a rigorous process that is more than just quote gathering.  I can short list and meet the supplier on your behalf.

Finally, I can help to problem solve the challenges and obstacles that might be faced in a business.  I can bring my 35 years of senior management experience to bear and give you someone you can trust, who can be impartial to provide another point of view.


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