One of the hard parts of business is the documentation.   It is important though.  Especially when dealing with a complex project.  Or something that is outside normal business.

This is because the documentation helps create a record of events.  There are documents that are a legal must.  Or are required by your company policy.  There are also best practice documents for Human Resources.

These documents support promotions and pay rises.  They help identify problems in the team.  In the project.  Or in the business.  They also support disciplinary action.

To be of use, documentation needs to be timely, detailed, and accurate.  This is hard to do when a business is running.  Yet the load can be lightened by using best practice templates and introducing easy to follow processes that require a small amount of time.

With my HR background I can cut through the noise and set up the right documentation that you will need. And help make sure it gets done!


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