Setting Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Responsibilities and accountabilities can be confused.  The two words are important for business.  Let’s clear them up!

Responsibility can be shared.  Accountability cannot.  Being accountable for a project means that you are responsible for the project. It also means you are answerable for your actions.

Getting these terms right is important for the team.  Understanding that you are responsible for a task means you own it.  Knowing you will be held accountable for a task means you will be motivated to make it happen.

In a team, it is easy for project tasks to be shared.  Yet only one person can be held accountable.  If these two labels are used correctly, when setting up and running a project, there should be no problems of tasks slipping with no one to answer why.

I can help give the responsibilities to the right team members.  I can also help you hold the right team members accountable.  Finally, I can be held accountable for the project.


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