Strategy and Action

Strategy AND action are needed in every business.  Regardless of the size.  Strategy checks where you are and lets you know where you want to go.  Action gets things done to make the business strategy happen.

Often the two are separated.  I bring them together as a project catalyst.

As a project catalyst I’m an external person to your business. I can help a failing project. Or speed up the action of a business idea.

Projects are key to good business. They are ‘one offs’. Seeking to make changes or get a clear result within a set time. Usually they are team based. Requiring the knowledge and time of the people in your business.  These need to be managed but you’ve only got so much time.

Sometimes, a business needs more than another manager. A business needs a project catalyst. A new resource added to the mix who can not only manage but drive a project forward.

I bring key skills and know-how that can help your business succeed. Making sure that common problems don’t happen. I do this by focusing on three simple words. Strategy. People. Communication.


I am used to strategic thinking.

I have been a veteran senior manager for over 35 years and I have owned my own business. I led that business from start up, to growth and to sale so I understand the stages you might face.

I’ve also successfully managed many project timescales and budgets. As an HR professional I can spot and place the right people in the right team positions. I am also used to leading and engaging teams of people.

As a recognisable business figure, I can use my network to bring skills and resources to the project. As and when they are needed.

Finally, I bring a fresh point of view from outside the business. This can deliver new solutions to old problems. As well as add someone to be held accountable for  success.

If you have a project that must deliver or a business that has stalled, meet with me to talk about what your business needs to be a success.


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