If you don’t have a plan, you’re planning to fail.  It is a common expression, but it holds a lot of weight.

Organisations tend to fall into two categories.  Either there is no real plan, or the plan goes in to too much detail.  Both cause problems and can cause project failure.  I can help to find the right balance between flexibility and mapping out what must happen for your business.

Typically, the answer to how much to plan is simple.  First, what is the scale of impact the project is hoping to achieve?  Then ask how many vital tasks need to be undertaken to ensure success.  The bigger the impact to the business the more planning needs to be undertaken.  The more complexity there is, the more detailed a plan needs to be.

Finally, something that often goes wrong with project plans is there is no risk planning.  With every project there comes certain likely risks.  We can’t do much about the unexpected ones.  We can plan for the likely risks such as a big change in strategic goals or a key team member leaving.  Armed with a risk plan, there is less time lost reacting to changes.  And more chance of the project succeeding!


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