Business is run on good processes.  The reason is simple.  If something repeats often then it is easy to work out the best way of doing it.  This means that a repeating task becomes less complex.  It also means that task can be shown to someone else.

Process mapping isn’t always the most exciting part of business if you look at just the process.  It does become exciting when you look at what the process will be able to achieve.  On a regular basis.

When developing a business strategy, it is a very good idea to set time aside to look at what processes need to be set up.  This has the impact of reducing costs and speeding up action.  It also means the process can be easily managed and improved.

A project might result in a new set of processes being put in to place.  After all, time and effort has been spent on the plan.  If that plan can be easily repeated it becomes a process.  Adding repeating value to your business.


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