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Sometimes we all need a little extra support. Businesses can hit a wall and lose their way. A fresh perspective, hard won experience and the input of an expert can make a big difference to business performance.

Small Business

You could be a small business, struggling with obstacles getting in your way or not sure about the best strategy to grow. You need help removing those barriers and getting guidance on growth. If this sounds like you then you should visit the Small Business Growth page to see how we can help.


You might have a ‘business critical’ project or a project that has come to a halt. Large projects can provide great value but they can also be a resource sink, pulling in more and more people, time and money. You need someone that has the experience to guarantee successful delivery or can re-ignite the momentum of a stalled project. Visit the Project Catalyst page to see what we can offer.

Marine Sector

Alternatively, you could be seeking help in the specialist marine sector. You may need specialist advice and support for fleet and off shore personnel, system improvements and legal compliance. You need to visit our Marine Sector Specialist page.

Phil Collier Associates are committed to helping businesses through support, guidance and knowledge. We are also fond of rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in. We can quickly grasp the issues at stake, work with you in determining the right actions to take and make sure the results are to your satisfaction.

Phil Collier

We know what you are thinking… “Wow! A great company to know. But I can’t use them right now”. That is sometimes the way these things go but we would like to be there when you DO need us.

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