Without the right strategy, failure is more likely.  Do you know why this project is important to your business?  Can you tell your team what business success will look like?  If the answer is no, don’t worry!  Many business owners, managers and leaders answer the same.

Knowing why you are putting time and money into a business keeps you on target.  Things may change but your destination won’t.  This allows more flexibility in reacting to unexpected changes.  The right strategy helps you to track and measure the success of the business over time.


A strategy is very much a map with a destination.  Once the destination is known, people get excited and planning the way to go to get there can be done.  This is where key tasks and budgets come in.

The key tasks are those ‘to do’ items which are vital to the success of the business.  Other tasks might be good or a nice to have option.  Some might be repeatable.  These form the basis of processes.  Key tasks are the ones that make the difference between success or failure.  They need to be given the focus they deserve.

Identifying the key tasks allows rough costs for each task.  These costs add up over the plan, to create a budget.  This provides a good idea of how much everything is going to cost.

I can help to find the right strategy.  Many businesses are created with the first strategy that presents itself.  Then the details are worked out.  By this time so much effort has gone into the business plan that it feels locked in.  Even if tasks are missing or there are budget guesses.

I can help to focus on the destination and consider different routes to take to achieve success.  Before the business gets locked in to the detail of one strategy.


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